Since 1993

Welcome to TitanBuild, LLC

TitanBuild is a Small Business specializing in providing superior management services.


TitanBuild believes that every project should begin with the final product in mind.

TitanBuild works with our clients to establish goals and objectives for the project.

TitanBuild helps our clients stand-up the project team and define respective roles and responsibilities. TitanBuild walks our clients through the processes necessary to build project infrastructure.

TitanBuild coordinates with our clients to conduct gap analysis to discover deficiencies and plans an implementation strategy for solutions.

TitanBuild ensures success and long-term project sustainability with constant and consistent communication with our clients.

TitanBuild develops project scorecards to keep our clients updated and engaged.

TitanBuild prepares for every contingency by planning months before the project starts.

TitanBuild is in constant communication with our clients, and the project goals remain at the forefront of our commitment. We believe that strong collaboration begins with open and honest dialogue among all interested parties, which leads to the best outcomes for our clients.

TitanBuild takes pride in effective time management. We work with our clients, stakeholders and on-site managers to establish a reasonable timeline.

TitanBuild collaborates with our clients to set priorities and ensures the work is successfully completed.

Our planning will make your project a reality.